Real Men Love Pink – A Collection of Quotes by A. W. Pink

Deluded Creatures
February 12, 2011, 6:41 AM
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“Have nothing to do with those who profess their experience to be all peace and joy; and who, if you ask them whether they are tormented by the plague of their own heart, or whether they have felt the blood of Christ applied to their own conscience, laugh, and say they have nothing to do with feelings, but live above them. Such deluded creatures can be of no more help to a groaning saint than one suffering anguish from bodily ills would receive any relief from the so-called Christian Scientists, who tell him his pains are mental delusions, and to think only of health and happiness: one and another are equally physicians of no value.” —A. W. Pink (1886–1952)

Taken from “Studies on Saving Faith” by A. W. Pink (1886-1952)

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