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Ugliness and Loathsomeness
June 4, 2011, 6:24 AM
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“Sin assumes many garbs, but when it appears in its nakedness it is seen as a black and misshapen monster. How God Himself views it ‘nay be learned from the various similitudes used by the Holy Spirit to set forth its ugliness and loathsomeness. He has compared it with the greatest deformities and the most filthy and repulsive objects to be met with in this world. Sin is likened to:

1. the scum of a seething pot in which is a detestable carcass (Ezekiel 24:10-12)

2. the blood and pollution of a newborn child, before it is washed and clothed (Ezekiel 16:4, 6)

3. a dead and rotting body (Romans 7:24)

4. the noisome stench and poisonous fumes which issue from the mouth of an open sepulcher (Romans 3:13)

5. the lusts of the devil (John 8:44)

6. putrefying sores (Isaiah 1:5-6)

7. a menstruous cloth (Isaiah 3:22; Lamentations 1:17)

8. a canker, or gangrene (2 Timothy 2:17)

9. the dung of filthy creatures (Philippians 3:8)

10. the vomit of a dog and the wallowing of a sow in the stinking mire (2 Peter 2:22)

Such comparisons show us something of the vileness and horribleness of sin, yet in reality it is beyond all comparison. There is a far greater malignity in sin than is commonly supposed even by the majority of church members. Men regard it as an infirmity, and term it a human frailty or hereditary weakness. But Scripture calls it “an evil thing and bitter” (Jeremiah 2:19), an abominable thing which God hates (Jeremiah 44:4). Few people think of it thus; rather the majority regard it as a mere trifle, a matter of so little moment that all they have to do is cry in the hour of death, “Lord, pardon me; Lord, bless me,” and all will be eternally well with them. They judge sin by the opinion of the world. But what can a world which “lieth in wickedness” (1 John 5:19) know about God’s hatred of sin? It does not matter what the world thinks, but it matters a great deal what God says about it. Others measure the guilt of sin by what conscience tells them—or fails to! But conscience needs informing by the Bible. Many uncivilized tribes have put their girl babies and old people to death, and conscience did not chide them. A deadened conscience has accompanied multitudes to hell without any voice of warning. Tens of thousands of religionists see so little filth in sin that they imagine a few tears will wash away its stain. They perceive so little criminality in it that they persuade themselves that a few good works will make full reparation for it. All comparisons fail to set forth the horrible malignity in that abominable thing which God hates.”  —A. W. Pink (1886–1952)

Taken from “Man’s Totaly Depravity” by Arthur W. Pink (1886–1952)

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